An Accent Wall in a Box

Accent Wall Sample

We installed an accent wall made from our recycled saltwater wood in our office in the fall and are really pleased with how it turned out. I selected plain boards and boards with holes and tunnels and used wood with a variety of natural colors.

Walls made from recycled saltwater logs are full of lively contrast because of the variety in natural colors, rustic features, texture, and the amount of holes and tunnels in each board. Some of our boards have few or no holes and tunnels because they are from the part of the log that was above water when the logs were floating. Plain boards are included to provide the contrast that makes the walls visually interesting. I spent some time on the layout paying special attention to contrasts in color, length and amount of holes and tunnels so the wall looks balanced. I painted the wall with a clear sealing coat before installation and put two coats of clear polyurethane on the wall after it was installed.

Wood can shrink or swell due to humidity. Wood that was previously in salt water is extra sensitive to humidity in the environment, making acclimation an important step. We brought the boards into the office a week before installation to spread them out and let them acclimate to the drier humidity levels in the house. Otherwise we would have had more shrinking and bigger spaces between boards. Our wall has been very stable, with only small spaces in a few places. Since we painted the background wall a very dark brown the spaces are barely noticeable.

We are now selling accent walls in boxes that hold 26.8 square feet. The price is $8 a square foot.  Our recycled logs were milled into boards 3.75” wide and ½ inch thick. The boards  are a variety of lengths from 12”- 48”. Sawdust was removed from the holes and tunnels, then the boards went through a controlled drying process. They have been lightly sanded to remove loose splinters. To protect the wood and help preserve the natural colors they have been treated with a clear coat of sealer. Contact us if you are interested in ordering your own teredo wood accent wall.


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