Teredo Mantel


We sell quite a few slabs for mantels. Most are live edge and are 3-5″ thick. Recently a customer selected this 8x8x5′ cracked beam for her mantel. She knew just what she wanted – we are delighted when we have the missing piece of the puzzle someone has been looking for. What a fabulous mantel our cracked beam turned out to be! The contrasts of texture and color work together beautifully.


Bookmatched “Supersets”

Recycled Bookmatched sets-Trinity River Marine

“Superset” of four 1″x12″ mirror image sets from one log.

Lately we’ve been excited to discover some “Supersets” – three or more mirror image sets from the same log that have similar coloring and features. When used together in one project they create a dramatic artistic focal point. We have some sets that would easily cover a whole wall!






The KEXP Stage

KEXP has been Trinity River Marine owner Bill Sibbett’s favorite radio station for decades, so when the opportunity came to be involved in the new building he was delighted that saltwater lumber from the Puget Sound was selected for the wall that surrounds the DJ booth. The wall serves as a dark neutral background for live concerts that are performed on the KEXP stage.

KEXPgrand opening-Trinity River Marine

Staining the boards black was a two step process involving both  water based and oil based stain. The boards are arranged in alternating horizontal and vertical sections.

KEXP-main stage-recycled wall- Trinity River Marine

These boards were milled from logs that were used for decades by Puget Sound tugboat companies to tow log rafts. By the time they were removed from the salt water they were full of holes and tunnels bored by teredo clams.


Reclaimed Creations

At a recent Handmade Market held at Second Use Building Supply our friends Bill and Aggie Wilson of Reclaimed Creations had some unique and beautiful handcrafted wood products on display. Bill has been making “lightboxes” from teredo wood. This box is about 14″ tall and has a lightbulb inside.

Lightbox-Reclaimed Creations

I was especially intrigued by the round table that Bill and Aggie created.  It is full of interesting holes and tunnels, is wondrously sturdy, and like all projects made with reclaimed wood it looks like it has a history.Reclaimed Creations - wormwood table - Trinity River Marine

Bill Wilson makes one of a kind benches. The one on the left is made with live edge teredo wood. The back of the bench on the right has a beautiful handcarved  landscape of water, a tugboat towing a log raft, trees and  mountains.

At Trinity River Marine we love and appreciate skilled woodworkers. These are the people who see the potential in the wood within minutes of setting eyes on it. They choose their pieces carefully and can’t wait to see their ideas become reality!



Port Gamble Cafe Remodel

Port Gamble is a historic mill town, so when contemplating a remodel the owners of The Port Gamble Cafe chose lumber milled from logs previously used at the Port Gamble Mill. Trinity River Marine supplied the lumber for the tongue and groove wainscot dividers, rustic floor, walls, window trim, and the bar.

The Port Gamble Cafe shares a building with the Port Gamble General Store which is stocked with delightful gifts and is definitely worth a visit. The shell museum upstairs has specimens of shells and insects from around the world; some are extraordinary. If you head straight up the stairs intent on seeing the giant clam you may be able to get yourselves and your children past the desserts and candy.

There is a view of the Port Gamble Bay out the windows and the food is worth waiting for. The cafe is popular – if you go at dinner time, consider calling ahead for reservations, especially on summer weekends.