The KEXP Stage

KEXP has been Trinity River Marine owner Bill Sibbett’s favorite radio station for decades, so when the opportunity came to be involved in the new building he was delighted that saltwater lumber from the Puget Sound was selected for the wall that surrounds the DJ booth. The wall serves as a dark neutral background for live concerts that are performed on the KEXP stage.

KEXPgrand opening-Trinity River Marine

Staining the boards black was a two step process involving both  water based and oil based stain. The boards are arranged in alternating horizontal and vertical sections.

KEXP-main stage-recycled wall- Trinity River Marine

These boards were milled from logs that were used for decades by Puget Sound tugboat companies to tow log rafts. By the time they were removed from the salt water they were full of holes and tunnels bored by teredo clams.


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