Full Dimension Recycled Lumber

Our 1″ and 2″ full dimension lumber is available in widths from 4″ to 16″  and lengths up to 20′. We have rough-cut and planed boards.Wormwood-recycled lumber-Trinity River Marine


Recycled Beams, Slabs and Mantels

Beams can be milled; up to 12″ thick, 6″-18″ wide, and up to 20′ long.

douglas fir beams-Trinity River Marine

Slabs made from teredo lumber have been used by wood craftsmen to make furniture. They also make exceptional mantels. We have live-edge, square-edge, planed and rough-cut slabs cut in a variety of widths and lengths.

Recycled Trim

Teredo trim is a unique way to add the natural beauty of reclaimed wood to a room or entire home. It is sold unfinished  planed or rough-cut. Recycled Lumber-Trim-Wormwood-Trinity River Marine

 Douglas Fir Wall Paneling

Our  V-groove Douglas Fir planed tongue and groove wall paneling is a beautiful way to give a wall some eye-catching character.  It can be left unstained and unfinished or treated with a water based or oil based finish for a natural look with durable protection.

Wormwood Wall Paneling-Recycled Walls-Trinity River Marine

Finished with Sanding Sealer and Satin Polyurathane


 Bookmatched Wood

Teredo lumber matched sets can be remarkable. Can a clam be an artist? It appears so! Bookmatches can be used to make beautiful original furniture, doors, walls and stand alone art.

Bookmatched Sets 1x8x6

Whole logs sometimes contain matched sets that are stunning when kept together as a ‘superset’.


Products from Log Ends

To determine if a log is suitable for milling the ends are cut off to expose the grain. Not wanting to waste anything, the ends are used for trios and fences.

Boomstick Trios and Chains are sold for landscaping purposes. They are sometimes used as a sturdy place to hang the mailbox or house number. IMG_1037

Fences of any length can be made by linking the chains and boomstick ends.IMG_1019

 Recycled Logs

Trinity River Marine also sells whole logs for landscaping.