Port Gamble Cafe Remodel

Port Gamble is a historic mill town, so when contemplating a remodel the owners of The Port Gamble Cafe chose lumber milled from logs previously used at the Port Gamble Mill. Trinity River Marine supplied the lumber for the tongue and groove wainscot dividers, rustic floor, walls, window trim, and the bar.

The Port Gamble Cafe shares a building with the Port Gamble General Store which is stocked with delightful gifts and is definitely worth a visit. The shell museum upstairs has specimens of shells and insects from around the world; some are extraordinary. If you head straight up the stairs intent on seeing the giant clam you may be able to get yourselves and your children past the desserts and candy.

There is a view of the Port Gamble Bay out the windows and the food is worth waiting for. The cafe is popular – if you go at dinner time, consider calling ahead for reservations, especially on summer weekends.


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