“Cool wood! What can you do with it?”

Whenever we go somewhere with our wood the most common response is “Cool!” And the most common question is “What can you do with it?” Well, you wouldn’t want to build a boat with it, but other than that, recycled saltwater wood is full of possibilities. We often wonder what happens to our wood after it leaves us so we were delighted to receive these recent photos from customers.


When Bob Shanks was given some recycled teredo clam wood he made beautiful hinged-lid boxes to give to family and friends.

Sherburn table

Our neighbor Bill Sherburn comes by from time to time to get more wood for gifts he wants to make. I believe he has made several of these beautiful tables. Recently he has been making wild animal rocking toys to delight children.


Sherburn Camel



                        Bob and Carey selected floor boards with no teredo clam activity. Many of our reclaimed boomstick logs are old growth and the top of the log that was not submerged during it’s years of towing log rafts makes gorgeous Douglas Fir flooring. They chose to make their shelves from boards with little or no holes and tunnels.

Wyman bar

Ed Wyman celebrates the holes and tunnels in this fabulous kitchen island.

Wyman beams

He has also wrapped all of the beams outside with recycled saltwater wood.

Ben from Creekside Cabinets in Silverdale, WA was inspired to make this pulpit featuring a bookmatch on the center panel. He is also working on a communion table.

Sherry R Headboard

Sherry Richardson charred the wood to make the black  border on this wonderful teredo headboard and finished it with shellac.

So those are some ideas. The holes and tunnels, and the history of the wood, make every project interesting.

Coat Rack


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