Seattle Convention Center Grand Ballroom

When Seattle Convention Center architects first approached us about providing live-edge planks milled from former logbooms for a specialty ceiling we took them a few samples and were pleased at their enthusiasm. And amazed at the scale of the project.

The logs were obtained from local tugboat companies when they were no longer needed for containing and towing Puget Sound log rafts. They were locally milled, sawdust was washed out of the holes and tunnels dug by teredo clams while the logs were in the saltwater, then they were kiln dried and delivered to Seattle.

There are now about 3900 rustic teredo clam boards hanging from the ceiling of the 58,000 square foot Grand Ballroom at heights ranging up to 65′. We had no idea how elegant our live-edge planks could look hanging vertically among colored lights above miles of plum colored velvet! We could not stop smiling when we saw it in person. Some people are so creative!

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