Worry-free Wood Walls

Wood moves, and wood that has been in the saltwater moves even more. We recommend that recycled saltwater lumber spend several weeks inside before being installed. One of our favorite products for interesting, recycled walls is teredo clam tongue and groove V- groove wall paneling. Using tongue and groove wall paneling for walls allows the wood to move without the possibility of spaces showing up later between the boards. Customers have used a variety of finishes and layouts for the boards so each wall is unique.

Wormwood Wall Paneling-Recycled Walls-Trinity River Marine

The natural look is achieved with sanding sealer and satin polyurethane. The layout was done carefully to achieve a balance between few holes and tunnels and busier boards.

KEXP-recycled wood wall- Trinity River Marine

Vertical and horizontal sections give added interest to this wall at the KEXP main stage. Black stain makes the wood appear rustic or distressed and makes a good background for music videos.


The wall at this marine museum includes boards with white calcium in the tunnels.


Wainscot wall paneling separates the bar from the restaurant at the Port Gamble General Store and Cafe.






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