DIY Accent Walls

Accent Walls from Teredo Lumber

My husband and I sell recycled lumber milled from log-raft log booms that soaked in the Puget Sound long enough to have teredo clams drill into them. When cut into lumber, the boards have various amounts of teredo activity, from none at all to lots. This really adds to the character of an accent wall – thank you clams! There are also occasional knots, the variety in the wood grain, and some variation in natural color.

I cut the 1×4’s into four different lengths, lightly sanded them, and then spent a little time on the layout before applying finishes.

I’ve been experimenting with stains, paint and natural finishes. Here are two of my favorite samples so far.


1×4″ boards of varying lengths treated with sanding sealer and satin polyurathane to preserve natural colors of the Douglas Fir.


1×4″ boards of varying lengths painted with light colored satin latex. I used less paint on some boards than others, then brushed Classic Gray stain on all of them.

The key to the rustic look, besides the work of the cooperative clams, is the rough-cut lumber. I sanded it lightly just to remove splinters so it’s still got its natural texture. If you aren’t a wood worker or a contractor you can still do all of the previous steps. Then you might want to consult with someone to help with installation since there are issues like letting the wood hang out in the house for the right amount of time before installing, and making sure you can still use your outlets and open the windows after the wall is in.

Rough-cut teredo boards are for sale at Second Use Building Supply in Seattle. We have also been known to ship heavy boxes full of lumber to other states and Canada. Contact us.



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