Innovative Wood Craftsman at Work

Attachment-1-2GlennHoopman-bowlTeredo Bowl1TrinityRiverMarine-Glenn Hoopman

We love to see eyes light up when woodcrafters take their first look at our wood. Teredo wood can  be inspiring.  Glenn Hoopman from Grapeview, Washington has crafted some amazing bowls using teredo clam wood and some interesting techniques. Notice the burned wire indentations on the bowls, and the use of fracking.  In addition to Douglas Fir bored by teredo clams, Glenn uses a variety of wood species, including Beetle Kill Pine and walnut and often laminates several species into one piece to make a bowl.


MichaelPendleton-TableWe were delighted to receive this photo from Michael Pendleton from Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, who ordered a bookmatched set off the website a few months ago and made a beautiful table from an old antique hand truck.


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